Conflict of Interest Policies

Ethics in Employment Issues

Gifts and Gratuities

The Board of Regents Policy Manual §802.13 (Gratuities), prohibits the receipt of gifts by University System employees.

All Georgia State University employees, including faculty and staff, should read The Board of Regents Policy Guidelines on Gifts and direct any questions to the Office of Legal Affairs.

Conflicts of Interest:

Transacting Business with the State of Georgia

Have you transacted business with the State of Georgia outside of your employment at the University?
If so, The Conflicts of Interest Law of the State of Georgia (O.C.G.A. § 45-10-26) requires State employees to report by January 31 st of each year any business transactions they have with the State or any of its agencies in the prior year. You must file a disclosure report with the Georgia Secretary of State if you meet all three of the following factors:

  • You are a full-time or part-time employee of Georgia State University;
  • You transacted business with the State of Georgia or any of its agencies; and

  • You transacted the business on behalf of yourself or for a business in which you or a member of your family has a substantial interest.

NOTE: No report is required if each business transaction for the year is less than $250.00 and the total of all transactions for the calendar year does not exceed $9,000.00.

Disclosure reports must be filed with the Secretary of State no later than January 31 st.

Amorous Relationships

Amorous relationships have clear potential to involve a conflict of interest.  The policy governing these conflicts is explained in §301.08 of the Faculty Handbook.

Other Conflicts of Interest

The policy governing other conflicts of interest is explained in §312.05 of the Faculty Handbook.

Outside Activities

The Board of Regents policy 8.2.15, Outside Activities, states “an employee of the University System of Georgia should avoid actual or apparent conflict of interests between his or her college or university obligations and his or her outside activities.” The policy continues to outline procedures for conflicts of interest in occupational, consulting and political activities. The Board policy is supplemented by Article IX, §10 of the University Statutesand §312.04 of the Faculty Handbook.