Georgia State University Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)

OLA provides legal advice to the University faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders while they are acting on the University’s behalf. On these pages you will find information regarding the services provided by our office, and the people who provide these services. Please see our Mission Statement.
All University personnel are encouraged to contact our office for assistance on matters affecting the University. However, the office cannot provide legal advice or representation to members of the University community in connection with matters against the University’s interests or with any personal matters.

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Nothing contained within this site should be construed as “legal advice” from the Office of Legal Affairs. Users should always consult with appropriate licensed counsel if legal issues are involved. The materials presented are for informational purposes only and for internal use by Georgia State University. Unless otherwise indicated, information on this site does not change or affect any policy, regulation or rule of Georgia State University or the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.