Intellectual Property

The University’s Intellectual Property Policy applies to all persons creating intellectual property at Georgia State University, including students and all employees, including but not limited to faculty and staff. The policy also extends to persons receiving compensation or funding from or administered by Georgia State University. Intellectual Property addressed by the Policy includes patentable inventions, biological materials, copyrighted materials, software, and trade secrets, whether or not formal protection is sought. Unless exempted from disclosure, all intellectual property developed at Georgia State University should be disclosed to the Vice President of Research using the IP Disclosure Form.
Any transfer of biological materials from Georgia State University to another research entity (university, non-profit, or commercial) must be governed by a Material Transfer Agreement. To initiate the process of obtaining a Material Transfer Agreement for outgoing materials, please complete the  Outgoing Materials Form and return it to Legal Affairs. Please send any incoming Material Transfer Agreements to Legal Affairs for review. All Material Transfer Agreements must be signed by the Vice President of Research (if the University is a party) or the Chair of the Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc. Resources