Business Issues

ll current University policies can be accessed on the University Policy Library website at
With a few rare exceptions, the OLA must review all contracts involving the University, its Units and Departments, and its affiliated organizations, regardless of amount, prior to signature by an authorized signatory of the University. For more information about University contracts, and the procedures for processing and executing such contracts, please visit the “Contracts” under the LEGAL SERVICES.
Click link to download a copy of the Routing Form 2012 (effective as of February 1, 2012)
Only individuals who have written Signature Authority delegation from the University President or one of the President’s authorized delegatees can execute a contract binding on the University. Faculty members, including Department Chairs, generally do not have such authority to execute contracts on behalf of the University. Individuals who execute contracts without official Signature Authority delegation may be personally responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract (including payment of any required charges under the contract). Individuals seeking Signature Authority on behalf of the University should contact their supervisors or the Division of Finance and Administration at (404) 413-3000. A current list of individuals at the University who have Signature Authority can be found here Signature_Authorization_Delegation.
The University follows the record retention schedule of the University System of Georgia, which may be accessed at
Information about hiring an Independent Contractor/Consultant for a University Unit or Department can be obtained by reviewing the Payments to Independent Contractors/Consultants guide or by contacting the Office of Disbursements at (404) 413-3040.