Intellectual Property

The University’s Division of University Relations is charged with reviewing and approving requests to use the name of Georgia State University and any of its associated logos/marks/etc. The OLA will also advise University faculty and staff members about requested uses or references to the Georgia State University name, or about contract or license terms regarding use of the Georgia State University name/logos/marks/etc. Furthermore, all uses of the Georgia State University name/logos/marks/etc. must comply with the Georgia State University Style and Identity Guides
All types of contracts, including those commonly associated with collaborative research arrangements, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements, must be reviewed and approved by the OLA, as well as signed by an authorized signatory for the University. Please forward these types of documents to the OLA for such a review as soon as possible upon receipt, along with your contact information. If you have a sponsored research agreement, such contracts will be reviewed and handled by the University’s Office of Sponsored Programs, which can be contacted at (404) 413-3500.
A copy of the University System of Georgia Copyright Policy (as modified on January 30, 2009) and its Fair Use Checklist may be accessed here

Questions regarding the Copyright Policy and/or the Fair Use Checklist can be directed to the University Library or the OLA.

If you think you may have created or discovered something that is patentable, please complete a Intellectual Property Disclosure Form [insert link] found on the OLA website and submit the completed document to the OLA as soon as possible. An OLA attorney will review the Intellectual Property Disclosure Form and be in contact with you.