Each year, the Office of Legal Affairs drafts, negotiates, or reviews over 3,000 contracts on behalf of Georgia State University.  General information about the University’s contracting process is provided below, together with the University’s Contract Routing Form, Service Provider Agreement and Speaker’s Agreement.

Speakers Agreement
Revised 09/2020
State Agency Hiring Form
For use with hiring other state agency employees (e.g., teaching courses)
Revised 11/2012



Vendors must obtain criminal background checks on certain employees per Board of Regent’s policy.  The service provider, not the university, is responsible for obtaining the background check, reviewing the results, and complying with this requirement.  Any qualified background check provider may be used.  The service provider should not send these materials to the University.



The Contract Routing Form requires the Requesting Department Head to confirm that the vendor complies with this Policy.  The provision of the Policy regarding Purchasing, Contracting, and Other Business Transactions is excerpted here:

Conflict of Interests [Section of USG Policy applicable to purchasing and contracting]

Before a University Employee participates in awarding, negotiating, reviewing or approving a business transaction (including but not limited to purchases, contracts, and subcontracts) involving the University and (1) an entity in which such employee or his or her Family has a Financial Interest, (2) an individual in the University Employee’s Family, (3) an entity in which an individual living in the same household (related or unrelated) as such University Employee has a Financial Interest, or (4) an individual living in the same household (related or unrelated) as such University Employee, the University Employee must disclose the proposed transaction in writing to the Ethics Officer for review. If the Ethics Officer determines that a Conflict of Interest exists, a Management Plan relating to such activity shall be created as set forth in Section VI below to reduce or eliminate the Conflict of Interest, if such activity is permitted by State law.


All contracts involving the University as a party, regardless of amount, except (1) research proposals and contracts (handled by the Office of Sponsored Programs) and (2) those using approved and unmodified standard contract forms (i.e. Standard Commercial Solicitation Agreement) must be routed to and approved by the Office of Legal Affairs prior to signature.

University units/departments seeking to hire outside consultants/independent contractors should follow the instructions found in the Finance & Administration document entitled,  “Payments to Independent Contractor/Consultants.”

Copies of the University’s standard consulting agreement templates can be found at the above website.

If you have any other questions about this site or your contract, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs.