Mandatory Reporter Law

Georgia Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

Georgia law requires that all Georgia State University employees (faculty/staff) and volunteers who regularly come in contact with children as part of their duties and who have a reasonable cause to believe that a child has been abused or neglected (either on- or off-campus) to report that abuse immediately (no later than 24 hours after such belief arises).

Reporting Process: Persons should immediately report any concerns by phone to either (1) child protective services or law enforcement or (2) their supervisor. A supervisor who receives such a report should immediately report such concern (without making any changes to the information) to child protective services or law enforcement. Locally, the following departments/agencies may be contacted:

Georgia State University Police 404-413-2100 (x3-2100)

Fulton County Department of Family and Children’s Services 404-206-5600

DeKalb County Department of Family and Children’s Services 404-370-5000

Statewide Reporting Hotline 1-855-GACHILD

Reports made to child protective services or law enforcement personnel may be made confidentially or anonymously.

Additional Licensing Requirements: Professional licensing associations may require additional reporting requirements for certain professions (e.g., teachers, social workers, daycare facilitators, etc.). University employees/volunteers holding such designations are encouraged to consult their professional licensing associations for more information.

Voluntary Online Training Module: Mandatory Reporter Training is available through the Governor’s Office for Children and Families (“GOCF”), which hosts a free 1-hour online training, which is accessible at:

If you have any questions about your responsibilities under the new mandatory reporting law, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs at (404) 413-0500.